Friday Links: A Bit Windy

Happy Friday!

It’s going to be a bit windy around these parts today, overnight London and the South East got a red warning, I don’t remember a time when London had a red warning, predictably, the news is going a bit mad.


Here are this week’s links

Clearly Britain loses more than it gains from the monarchy. Let us be brave and end it

MPs’ groups are taking millions from private interests – that can’t go unchecked

Britain’s long consumer binge is ending – and the political fallout will be huge

London’s smallest microflat up for sale at £50,000 for 7 square metres. Everything that’s wrong with the world…

The Canadian trucker convoy is an unpopular uprising

What if Friendship, not Marriage, was at the Center of Life? . It’s a thought…

The Dark Side of Saying Work Is ‘Like a Family’

Pick a wealthy area and carry measuring tape: lessons in furnishing your house for free

Lighting up time: a gardener’s guide to the new grow lamps. This is my next step in conquering growing everything from seed for the plot, in my dark house.

Air fryers: miraculous kitchen must-have, or just a load of hot air?. This is also on my kitchen list

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