Friday Links: £500,000 flight to Australia

Happy Friday!

This is going up a bit late because last night I didn’t get home until 8pm because I was in the office and I wanted to finish something before I left. I did finish it (and if I do say so myself it was a great piece of work!) and it had been that had been hanging over me so I was really happy I go it done but I didn’t have the time to sort out this for first thing this morning!

Here are this week’s links

Labour condemns ‘waste’ of Liz Truss taking private jet to Australia. Liz Truss is representative of everything that is wrong about this government and the Tory Party. The sad thing is that it doesn’t surprise me that she’s using government money wastefully, it seems like of course she would.

Inside Britain’s least-known art collection are works that should be ours to enjoy

In this debate over ‘missing words’, it’s marginalised people who are most at risk. This feels like trying to make something out of how oppressed you’d like to be rather than how oppressed they actually are. I remember my mother (who has some real issues with IVF and donor assisted conception) picking up a crying baby and saying to her which of your mummies do you want to go to? Because when I child is here, whether you agree with the methods used to get them here, you look out for the child, who is raising them is not as important as how they are raised, are they being cared for, their needs being attended to? Then you support their parents. It’s not hard. Is there a conversation we as a society need to have about why having children is viewed as a right not a privilege, absolutely. Do we need to talk about the children not being raised in loving and caring homes. Yes? Do we need to talk about what wanting children and not being able to have them in a society that seems to privilege parents above all?Oh yeah. More than anything else we need to centre children at the core of all of it. Not their parents, not their parents sexuality or gender. The children. What names we use for parents is irrelevant.

What Conservatives Really Mean When They Say Biden’s Potential SCOTUS Nominees Are “Unqualified” – This is the thing about conservatives, there is no appeasing them, there is no argument, no compromise you can make that will be enough. You have to decide what you are going to do and only deal with people that will work with you. It’s not going to be the headbangers…

Math Is Personal. At work we are talking about what it means to bring your whole self to work, it’s also relevant for the classroom too but its Maths not Math.

How “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” turned Encanto into a sleeper hit

The secret lives of baby teeth

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