Monday Miscellany: Another Week

Happy Monday!

After today January only has one more Monday and that Monday is the end of January! 2022 has not wowed us yet but it’s got time!


Last week was more of the work/home/sleep treadmill but slightly sore throat aside, now over the cold, I’m feeling much more on top of life in general and my team’s diaries in particular. On Fridays, I have catch up/organise next week meetings with a couple of people, one of them is a Spurs fan and was hoping I would have a bad Sunday, sadly for him, it was not to be. Chelsea won 2-0, we’ve had a rocky post Christmas string of results but we have beaten Spurs twice in that time. Other than work and football, I got to walk with Sue on Tuesday and with Christina and Edie on Thursday, both were delightful, Edie is such a good natured baby, she reminds me of the littlest nephew as a baby, just a lovely, charming small person!

We allotment-ed on Saturday and while in January, the plot never looks exactly brilliant, it’s on track for Spring. Ma’s knew went out on Sunday so I travelled home with her and back. Which was fine, I didn’t want her to have to carry anything when she was limping and I got an hour and a half of extra reading in. It did put me a little behind on my Sunday prep but it’s easily caught up with during the week. I’m in the office for one day next week, I’m not entirely convinced it’s wise but I’ll enjoy catching up with the people that I know are also in the office, which is a good thing.

Look up

Plans for this week are more of the same, a bit more exercise. Next Saturday we are going to the Elizabeth and Mary exhibit at the British Library. I’m currently reading my way through P.F Chisholm’s Robert Carey novels, which are set in the last 10 years of Elizabeth’s reign and after she’d had Mary executed. (I’m team Elizabeth, I generally refer to Mary as an airhead, she made terrible decisions and handled it all wrong. I’m also very fed up of the young Mary/aged Elizabeth narrative. Elizabeth was nine years older than her and when Mary went back to Scotland, Elizabeth had been on the throne for about 3 years. That she didn’t knock her head of for plotting (there were three she was involved with) sooner than 1687, is great restraint. Both Elizabeth’s grandfather, father and sister would have done it much sooner.

Ok, Tudor rant over, have a good week!

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