Monday Miscellany: Poorly

Happy Monday!

Edie’s caterpillar is a lush

I spent most of the week feeling off, I was extremely tired, felt like I had a cold without the cold symptoms and had the rash under my chin and on my neck that I usually have when I get a cold. My lateral flow tests all came up void. So I didn’t go into the office and slept a lot. I did ring the doctor and she said it was probably a virus just not THE virus.

So it was a quiet week. Over the weekend, we got a polytunnel put up. To be honest, my friends, Sue and Richard came over and Richard did all the work. If you can’t be an engineer, make friends with one!

One Sunday, I had a long lie in, did some baking and spent a delightful afternoon with Christina and baby Edie, watching Edie try her first potatoes.

This week isn’t going to be very different, its half term so should a be quieter week in the office, so I’m going to spend some time writing up a process and getting all of next year’s regular appointments in the diary! I’m at home today and going for a walk with Sue this afternoon. Tonight I’m going to finish some weekend work around food prep and housework – I really need to hoover! But the week is going to be quiet. This weekend is the allotment halloween walk, I’m going to decorate the plot and provide cakes, but won’t be volunteering for this one, it’s also the weekend that the clocks go back so I have a couple of more weeks of mornings being bearable, it’s currently dark at 7:30am at the moment and I’m not loving it!

Have a good week everyone!

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