Monday Miscellany: Home and Work

Happy Monday!

As all things must, my holiday ended on Saturday when we came home. It’s lovely to be home but sad to leave. We popped into to see Ben, Lu, the nephews and Barney on the way back, Barney had lots of fun trying to steal Ma’s handbag, labradors are thieving little gits, lovely but thieving little gits!

View from Dunstanburgh

If there was ever proof needed that I was raised by my mother, then my being completely unpacked with my first load of washing on within an hour of being home, is pretty much all the proof you need. (She is the woman that had completely unpacked all her possessions with packing boxes away within a day after she moved house. I used to think I wasn’t like her at all but as I get older, it’s happening!)

The clocks go back in two weeks and I can already feel myself changing into the person I am in the winter. Which is tired and more likely to be a funsponge, last winter was slightly easier on me as I was full time working from home, this year, as we’re now doing a hybrid work pattern I have to be in at least twice a week and the run up to Christmas and year end is usually manic so it’ll be at least three days a week and busy. I’ve been gearing up to this since the end of August but I do need to get serious and make sure that I have bedtime, housekeeping and exercise routines nailed down.

So ‘boring’ routine, work and preparing for the birthday/Christmas onslaught! Feels like a good week in the offing, I do need to do the ironing and the hoovering today but after that it’s all gravy!

Have a good week!

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