Monday Miscellany: September

Happy Monday!

Last  week was tiring for lots of reasons.

There is the ongoing trash fire that is the world right now. The Texas abortion law and the Supreme Court just refusing to do anything about it, the sorry state of the government in this country, the entire world’s inability to do anything about climate change. Things are heavy.

Then there is the sheer exhaustion that three days straight in the office brings nowadays and trying to cram five days work into four. I was not prepared for how absolutely exhausted I would feel by Thursday. Yes, the 6am (and darker) mornings were difficult but I think it’s also having to interact with people. Up until this week, days in the office have been more efficient than working at home, it’s been quiet and I have better tech and less distractions, but with a lot more of the team in the office, there has been more chatting and catching up which has been great but has led to more ‘asks’ from the team and we are in a brand new building, so I’m having to learn how to do something before I can do it. Don’t get me wrong all of this is good but I’m still an introvert and it’s still exhausting especially as I’m out of practice!

I also spent a fair amount of the week at the doctor’s, I’d had a phone appointment on Friday and needed to go in to have height, weight and blood pressure measured before I can get my prescription. Middle age and perimenopause are bad enough but now I have a small issue with my blood pressure, the nurse said I was at the top of the ok range but I need to work on lowering it. They didn’t tell me what I needed to do but a quick google said the, usual, weight, exercise, diet and sleep, so goals for September have been made for the first time since lockdown, more on those tomorrow.

So most of the week was caught up in, work and doctor’s appointments for issues caused by middle age and two sets of new neighbours (it’s not going well with either set – and yes I know I’m the common denominator but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to object to maggots in my rubbish bin which they shouldn’t be using or DIY after 9pm and all bloody weekend!).

There was other good stuff, a Friday haircut, buying birthday presents for nephew, a good work appraisal but it’s Monday and I’m not feeling quite as refreshed as I could be.

This week’s plans aren’t terribly exciting, work, house, singing Happy Birthday to the smallest nephew who’s turning six on Wednesday. We’re going up on Saturday so we get to spend some time with them before the chaos of the party is on Sunday! We’re also about to get some summer weather, so I’ll need to up the watering at the plot. It really is all go here…

Have a good week.

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