Friday Links: Holding Pattern

Happy Friday! I’ve not had a brilliant week but I did get a haircut! Here are this week’s links…

England is sleepwalking towards a two-tier health system

Another roaring 20s? We need to do better than that

Bus privatisation has destroyed a British public service – but there is a way back

Queen secretly lobbied Scottish ministers for climate law exemption. I need to live in a republic, as soon as possible, the Head of State shouldn’t be exempt from the laws everyone else has to abide by.

The Queen had a lucky escape from Boris Johnson’s ‘sod it’ attitude to Covid

Why is the Northern Ireland protocol still an issue? Actions have consequences I was brought up by parent who was very keen that her children understood that actions have consequences, perhaps because my Dad never quite got it, seems like Boris Johnson and David Frost would have benefited from the same.

A kind, inclusive England is stirring – and as usual, our politicians don’t get it

Exhibition tells story of Spanish children used as vaccine fridges in 1803

Roses out, olives in: the new English garden in a time of climate crisis

How to make American tomato pie – recipe. I’m really not sure about this.

Caponata by Jacob Kenedy

So many gins … but are you a purist or a pioneer? I don’t do Gordons on principle since they went from 40% ABV to 37.5%. Generally I prefer a juniper forward gin but I am very fond of citrus gins which is why Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle, Tanqueray Raipur Lime and Malfy Grapefruit gins are also favourites. Basically I like gin..

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