Monday Miscellany: Fire and Rain

Happy Monday!

Last week was so hot and yesterday the rain felt biblical! I did a two day mental health first aider course, in Marylebone, that and a day in the office meant I was commuting for three days last week. By Thursday, I was exhausted!

St Mary’s

There are some consolations to being in the office, this week it was an ice cream

Hot enough for ice cream

The weekend was also quite social for me, Christelle and Mike come for lunch and brought Gabi and the new puppy. This is Baylen, he is much happier than he looks (boxers are a bit more wrinkly that the average dog!)

Happy Face

This week I’m off work today for a haircut, then in the office for two days and then WFH. I’m off work all of next week and this weekend is family lunch for my birthday, which means that I need to brace myself for the onslaught of the youngest nephew!

Therefore plans for this week are all about the house being as ready for people as I can possibly manage, so keeping on top of laundry and the house. The other priority is obviously work, getting it all clear and caught up so I can leave it alone for a week with a clear conscience!

Elizabeth line trains

Have a good week!

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