Monday Miscellany: Holiday

Happy Monday!

Favourite rose on the plot

I’m on holiday this week, thank goodness because last week wasn’t great. I was two days in the office, I had a migraine and cystitis (another jolly side effect of peri menopause) and just generally felt pants. On the plus side, I got a haircut, more plants and had the nephews and their parents for Sunday lunch, it was so good to seem them before they hopefully go to Spain on Wednesday!

New plants!

This week, I have Monday and Tuesday to arse about on the plot, Wednesday Ma and I are going to see the Julian Opie at Pitzhanger House, Thursday we are going to Battle and on Friday I’m going to try and deal with being two years away from 50 with general birthday shenanigans and drinks on the plot, weather permitting!

Have a good week!

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