Monday Miscellany: It’s been emotional

Happy Monday!

Let’s get it over with now, last night was emotional. Italy was never going to be a pushover, they are unbeaten in 33 matches and have conceded 11 goals in that time, it was never going to be easy, we had no response in the second half when they changed tactics. Our penalty takers didn’t have it on the night and theirs did. No one deserves to lose a game like this but someone has to.

I’m writing this on Sunday night and I’m really hoping that I don’t wake up to news of England fans being twats, we show our character in the way we win AND lose. I really hope we can show the best of it this week.

Eryngium or Sea Holly

So last week was full of last week working from home energy, my boss got COVID and I had a migraine. Aside from that it was a pretty usual week, Ma and I had a very productive Saturday and I had a fairly productive Sunday.

Today, I’m off to visit Kew Gardens with Sue and then two days in the office and lots of moving compost from the front of my house to the allotment!

I have no major plans for the week, survive the commute and return to office life, keep the house under control, work on the plot. My needs are simple, I’m off to Christina and Fred’s next Sunday for tea and meeting the next generation of Kennys.

Have a good week

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