Monday Miscellany: July

Happy Monday!

It’s July. How are we in the seventh month of the year already?


Last week was not a busy week, which means that I kept finding things at work that need fixing or thinking about, which is how my brain works. It was also a headache week, in that I woke up every day with a headache, it’s not great but I had more days where I was able to shake it off and no days where the headache progressed to migraine. (yeah I know that migraines and headaches are different but sometime my headaches are like an aura – they indicate that something is off balance and then the migraine happens. I’ve given up arguing that that’s not how they should work, my body pays no attention and I’ve learnt to treat them as a warning and behave accordingly!)

One of the things that I really enjoy every week we do it is my walk with Sue, the walk itself is always the same and it’s been interesting to see how the seasons change the parks and it’s been lovely to spend time with her, I’m trying to make sure that when my days in the office start to happen, they don’t clash with our Tuesday walks.


Last week I also made this year’s batch of cocktail cherries. I’m on the last jar of the 2020 cherries, so I’ve made slightly more (every year I make a little more). I bought 8 kg of cherries and after throwing away the bad ones and eating a few, I think I probably got about 5kg in the jars!

This week is my last week of working from home full time, I’m still feeling weird about it and at work we’re thinking about new patterns and so on. I’m not all that happy that the government is trying to make it our fault if we get sick and the basic fact that the more people that get the virus the more it will mutate and be more dangerous it can be, seems to escape everyone, and we are complete ignoring the risk of long COVID, but I digress. This week I’m determined to make the most of being at home and also trying to get myself back into early mornings and nights so that next week isn’t such a shock.

July is looking significantly more busy than my usual hermit like life. I’m have two days off work this month, one to go to Kew with Sue and one for a haircut and catch up with Jane. I’m finally going to meet both Tom and Christina’s new-ish baby girls, am pretty excited to see them and all of their parents. (I first babysat those two when they were 4 and 1 and now they are lovely responsible adults with children) and Christelle and Mike are coming over for lunch at the end of the month, with Gabi and the new puppy (I really need to hoover like my life depended on it in the next couple of weeks, I remember Gabi as a puppy found every single bit of dust and tried to eat it!). All of my friends seem to have babies or dogs and I’m not opposed

For work, I also have a two day mental health first aider course, and three weeks of being in the office for at least two days a week. I’m expecting the usual July rush of work as we head into August when it all goes quiet because of the summer holidays. There is also more work required on the allotment this month which I’ll explain on Wednesday!

Have a good week folks!

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