Monday Miscellany: A Consequence of Middle Age

Happy Monday!

My friend Sarah, used to talk about her ‘angel of death’ phase, there was a period of years where it seemed like all the important people in her life died. I had that phase from 24 to 34 (Grandad, Dad, Kier Stef). It was a really weird period because your 20’s aren’t usually the time you have to deal with dead people. Since Stef, I haven’t been required to do that curious combination of grief, gatekeeping and admin that happens when parents and ‘next of kin’ people die.

But I’m nearly 50 and while I haven’t had to do it, lots of my friends have and at the moment the hits seem to keep coming. This is middle age, we start to become the responsible generation and part of this our parents dying (although mine is promising to get to at least 100 and I believe her!).

Plans for this week are basically work for three days, then a day of arsing about, followed by a day or two on the plot, then Easter lamb and mini eggs.

Have a good week, people!

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