Monday Miscellany: The Last Week of February

Happy Monday! I was up at 7am today because my back hurt and I did extra yoga to try and relax it, the yoga every day is not working, and my back and hip just hurt all the time and more when I walk and allotment. Which is not idea.

That aside everything is much as it was last Monday, except I’m not eating cakes, sweets, crisps or biscuits and being vegetarian Monday to Friday, which I’ve been doing for February anyway.

It’s been fish because it’s not been a week but it does require a change of mindset, yesterday I bought some ham and mortadella to have as a snack with my apple as I can’t have sweet stuff. Clearly, I didn’t think that through!

Just in case anyone was wondering, there are two ways to do Lent, it’s 40 days if you take out the Sundays, so the first option is to ‘fast’ Monday to Saturday and then ‘feast’ on Sunday. The second is that you fast all the was through from Ash Wednesday and finish on Palm Sunday.

I don’t do either of those things because I’m an idiot because breaking it every Sunday isn’t something I feel good doing, (that exception was designed for people who were really fasting and not eating much at all, I’m just giving up cakes, sweets, crisps and biscuits). I could do it the other way and finish on Palm Sunday but if I’ve chosen to give this stuff up for Lent, then celebrating the end of my resolutions in Holy Week (Palm to Easter Sunday) feels very wrong… 46 days of Lent it is.

This week I will try to get out a bit more, as it’s warmer and lighter. Have a good week!

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