Friday Links:

Happy Friday!

Yes, this is late (sorry Mum!), here are this week’s links…

Bad omen? Tower of London raven missing, feared dead. Well this is just great….

Schools in England told not to provide free school meals at half-term. What is wrong with the government? I’m not expecting them to be brilliant or even good but they don’t have the brains God gave a fucking sheep. We’ve been over this, as a general rule everyone objects to children going hungry. We did this in the summer, we did it before Christmas, we did it last fucking week. Just accept that people think it’s important and sort it out, implement a system that ensures that the 1.4 million children entitled to free school meals get fed in the holidays or when schools aren’t open. It’s not fucking rocket science….

Fisheries minister did not read Brexit bill as she was busy at nativity. Incompetent fuckwits…

Tory London mayoral candidate: homeless can save for house deposit. He’s such an idiot, it’s nothing to do with him being Black, he’s just an idiot who willfull

Tory mayoral candidate might as well have said ‘let them eat cake’ by claiming the homeless can ‘save’ for a house deposit.

The American Abyss. This is a long read but worth the time.

They’ve Been Calling for Bloodshed the Whole Time

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