Friday Links: Birthday Special

Happy Friday! And Happy Birthday to my mum (this is her favourite post of the week!)

Britain’s new claimants: How Covid-19 introduced middle class people to Universal Credit. Ma has been saying this since March!

Mavis Staples & Chris Stapleton. This is so interesting and because it’s her birthday and Ma does love a man with a beard!

Study finds indications of life on Doggerland after devastating tsunamis. I find the whole idea of Doggerland fascinating…

Horror at destruction of nationally important UK river. Who would do this? Can we confiscate the land and lock them up?

Manchild Gavin Williamson plumbs new depths of stupidity. A man who sounds like Frank Spencer but without the charm, wit or intelligence of Frank Spencer. What I really want to know is how many fireplaces did he sell?

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1 Response to Friday Links: Birthday Special

  1. Neil says:

    Yet another week slips away. Xmas gets closer and the thought of sitting round feeling ill having eaten too much once again. LOL Happy Birthday. ND,s MUM xxx

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