Monday Miscellany: Autumn Prep

Happy. Monday!

I’ve always been upfront about how autumn affects me. I don’t enjoy the dark, but can cope with the cold, so last week I didn’t post much because last weekend and this week, I was busy with the flat and exercise.

But I did get the desk built and in place, the house is looking very organised and tidy and I love the changes. I want to sort out shelves for above the desk, curtains for the bedroom and maybe a bigger and more insulating rug for the living room and then I am done for home improvement for 2020.

I’m know how lucky I am to have a job and to have the flat and not have to share it, but 2020 has meant that I’ve needed to use it in different ways than usual. So this year I properly sorted out the cupboard of doom and got a decent work from home space carved out in the living room, so my colleagues won’t get distracted by my knife rack during calls!

It’s been an expensive house year and it means that I haven’t (for the 11th year in a row) sorted out a wardrobe but that’s an issue for next year. The flat is a lot like the plot, I’m never really finished!

So the week was mostly about the house, but I got outside a bit more and got a bit more exercise, all good things.

This week is more work – I’ve set myself a deadline for some work because I need to get some things finished for my own peace of mind.

That’s pretty much it. Have a good week…

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