Monday Miscellany: September

Happy Monday, Tuesday! Last week was a write off because I was ill, there was much throwing up and it was not at all pleasant. I worked and slept and that is all I managed until Friday when I had a day off work and a haircut!

Meteorological autumn starts today and while it doesn’t feel like the end of summer on the plot, it’s darker in the morning and I’m not happy about it. There are things to look forward to, next week is the littlest nephew’s birthday, the Kenny’s are coming for dinner, Ma and I are going to Amble at the end of the month, there is still loads to harvest on the plot.

However, things are winding down and we are going into autumn. I struggle with the approach of winter and I’m wondering if being home based for most of this coming winter will make my SAD better or worse. I have a bunch of things I really need to sort out before it gets really dark, a curtain in the bedroom, a desk in the living room and the re-arrangement of furniture to accomodate the desk, sorting out some kind of winter squash storage!

This week isn’t busy but it feels action packed, at work we need to finish off the offsite planning work and I’m hosting the Friday quiz. After that I’m going to Ma’s to sort out her washing machine and ferry lots of allotment stuff she can’t carry herself (pesto, basil cubes, rhubarb crumble, tomato sauce, dill pickle relish) in addition to the stuff we’ll harvest on Friday! Thursday is a virtual birthday party for a friend.

On Sunday, we’re going to visit the midlands to celebrate the small nephew’s birthday and see everyone. On Sunday night, I’m going to collapse in a heap of too much socialising…

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