Monday Miscellany: Birthday Week Adventures

Here we are, another Monday and my first post of the month. The beginning of August is my time, I relax and celebrate surviving another year, but birthday week is done and today, I’m back to work (from the kitchen table)

So far August has been lovely, I spent time with my family.

Smallest nephew has learnt to take photos with his kindle

Time on the plot

View from the back of the plot, it was a bit cooler in the shade!

Ma and I did a dump run, a trip to Ikea, a trip to the garden centre and some DIY at Ma’s all on the same day! I went to tea at Jo’s, learnt to pressure can with godchildren 3, 4 and 5.

I feel that I had a week that was a great balance of social, relaxed and productive. It was also a bit hot towards the end of the week! It’s definitely middle-aged but I’m completely embracing it!

Birthday flowers from allotment friends

This week is a four day week, because on Friday, Jo, Ms T and I are going to Hampton Court, the clock is ticking on them going back to Coté d’Ivoire and I want to see as much of them as I can while they are here!

It’s all about work and allotment until the August Bank Holiday, and then it’s small nephew’s birthday and schools going back and assuming that that doesn’t affect the R rate, then Ma and I get our long awaited holiday in Amble at the end of Sept!

So that’s the next couple of months sorted…

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