Allotment Adventures: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

There was lots of moving plants this week. We have a rose garden in embryo stage, a moved boysenberry and a fully weeded squash bed. We also sorted out the chard bed and took out the cauliflowers. All typed out like that it doesn’t look like much but it was epic, I’m still recovering from all the wrestling of the roses (I hope they are too!). It doesn’t look like a lot but I’m hoping that with care it’ll look lovely in a year or two.I also picked up a bronze fennel and another verbena bonariensis. The fennel has gone at the back of the new flower bed and the bonariensis has gone the other side of the roses, a couple more will go there when I move the bed of them by the rhubarb and there will be other spots to find for them when I split the ones in the middle of the plot.I also moved the boysenberry to the back of the plot. It’s very little at the moment but they can get really big so I decided that it should have some space, it can spread out a little there whereas the bed it was in was a bit too small.The cauliflowers did not survive to be eaten. If anyone can tell me what happened, I’d be grateful.What we haven’t done is sort out the new raised beds because they haven’t arrived yet! Hopefully next week.

So here’s the state of the worklist

  • Install the first three long beds next to the fruit beds
  • Transplant the roses
  • Move the boysenberry
  • Split the autumn raspberry bed into two.
  • Sow some more broad beans and cover the bed with netting
  • Pull up the chard and cover that bed
  • Set up the cloche
  • Sow sweet peas
  • Sow leeks
  • Buy seed potatoes (we couldn’t get nicola’s so went for charlottes)
  • Paint the shed
  • Split and trim the verbena bonariensis and move the stuff next to the rhubarb
  • Trim the rosemary and sage
  • Sow the first batch of peas
  • Weed everything!
  • Buy compost and start filling some beds
  • Turn the compost bins
  • Have another bonfire

4 out of 17, it’s going to be a busy month but we are eight beds and a pond away from having all the major structure done and then we can start growing things

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