Monday Miscellany: Queen of the Quiz

Happy Monday!  Last week was busy and tough, the last week of November is just difficult for me, it’s Stef’s anniversary and really, really dark. It’s like my body just gives up on trying to be cheerful and enthusiastic.

I may be miserable but there were things that helped. My team won the work quiz, I got to work from home on Thursday and Friday, there was a belated Thanksgiving on Sunday at K and A’s, working on the plot on Sunday, December started so I’m all about the Christmas music and advent calendars. Best of all, a surprise visitor, Luc came to visit his Grandad and me, because he thought we could do with the company. His father would be very proud, I am…

I only have two work days this week and then I’m on holiday for three days. Mostly to celebrate Ma’s birthday, we are having a grown up family lunch on Wednesday at Hawksmoor and Ma and I are going to see Candida at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond on Thursday, there is a shed to finish pulling down. Lots to do…

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