Friday Links: Floods

Happy Friday!

Single people are an electoral force in the US. Is the UK following suit? Well this is frightening…

The median English home now costs eight times the salary of a single man on median male earnings, according to the Women’s Budget Group, and 12 times the salary of a single woman on median female earnings. More shockingly, it calculates that for a lone woman on median female earnings, no region in England is affordable to rent in the private market.

When Jacob Rees-Mogg lets slip what he really believes, the choices become clear

Boarding schools warp our political class – I know because I went to one. My friend Tina, went to boarding school at 7 and refused to send her children to board. She said the only thing it did was make her a really good liar. George Monbiot would agree.

When I became pregnant with twins, my mess stopped feeling cute. I’m having my usual winter urge to sort out my stuff. I want a weekend to start chucking things away!

I’m a mental health nurse. There are no good decisions, only least bad ones

Austerity has pushed families into crisis and then thrown away the lifelines

A decent day’s pay for a decent day’s work – why are we still waiting for this?

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