What’s for Dinner: The Low Energy Options

I talk about food quite a bit, from what I eat, to what I grow, to what I cook. I’m interested in those things in other people too. I’m really fascinated by what people buy and how they plan cooking to fit it in with their lives and taste and budgets.

However, the truth about social media is that we could end up with a pretty warped view of how people live because we only see the bits of life they show us. I talk a lot about making jam and cooking for yourself but no so much about my battle not to eat all the mint magums (which are the best type of ice cream and currently one of my favourite things).

So rather than talk about the food prep I did on Sunday or the amazing gooseberry compote I made last week I wanted to show you what I had for dinner on Saturday and Tuesday night this week.

On Saturday, after a day at the plot and an evening processing the produce, it was toast with mayo, ham and cucumber. I just couldn’t do cooking, I was too tired for anything complex. Yes ok the mayo was homemade but the bread was not.On Tuesday, I was at Jo’s in the afternoon and I didn’t get home until nearly 9pm, so it was melon.

On the days that I nourished my soul with allotment and seeing friends, I didn’t have the energy to cook. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it’s ok. I’ve said it a lot before now, if you don’t have the energy or you don’t want to cook then sometimes it’s ok not to!

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