Friday Links: English Football

Happy Friday! So the big news of the week is that both the European trophy finals will be all English. The Champions League Final is Liverpool vs. Tottenham (Ma had such high hopes of Ajax) and the Europa final is my beloved Chelsea vs. Arsenal.

This week there was a debate about the order of the English kings, so I had to play this to prove my point!

Here is are this weeks links

The rebel priest: ‘Gay people in the church are not going to go away’

More light, more sun: May brings gardeners the promise of an endless summer. May starts well and then ends up with me panic planting all the things….

‘Ireland is changing’: booze-free bar opens in Dublin

Sustainable tourism: why the Faroe Islands closed for maintenance

Male Loneliness Starts in Boyhood.

Table for one: how eating alone is radically changing our diets

Relegation blues: how a football team’s fortunes can affect a whole city. I guess this has never been a thing I’ve thought about. I grew up in the middle of Fulham (relegated from the Premier League this season), QPR (not relegated from the Championship but it was close, they finished 19 of 24 teams) and Chelsea (not relegated currently third but it’s not been pretty!) and it never occurred to me that it would really hurt the economy of where I was from. Although a friend did describe the Weatherspoons in Shepherds Bush (where QPR are from) as the ‘wild west’ and she wasn’t wrong!

Britain’s equivalent to Tutankhamun found in Southend-on-Sea

Oh, No, Not Knotweed!

Are these the worst supermarket substitutions ever? I’ve never ordered a supermarket shop online, so this has never been a problem for me but some of these are fab (instead of a number 5 candle, she got two 2’s and a 1…)

Tech Is No Match for Human Grossness

Rachel Held Evans, Hero to Christian Misfits

“Death is a thing empires worry about, not a thing resurrection people worry about,” she told me in 2015. “As long as there’s somebody baptizing sinners, breaking the bread, drinking the wine; as long as there’s people confessing their sins, healing, walking with one another through suffering, then the Church is alive, and it’s well.”

Britain needs to recognise Palestine as an independent state

ANC corruption is a major cause of South Africa’s failure – and the polls will show it. I remember watching the first election, people queuing for hours so they could vote. To see that of 36.5 million people eligible only 27.7 million have registered to vote, that’s tragic.

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