Friday Links: I give confidential security briefings. You leak.

Happy Friday!

There is a link in here about pandas, so I’m going to share something that never fails to make me smile

Here are this week’s links

Prawn to be wild: cocaine found in all shrimp tested in rural UK county. Wow

May was right to sack Gavin Williamson. No one will be sorry to see him go. I happen not to agree with GCHQ, I honestly don’t believe that any of our infrastructure should be built or owned by foreign governments and I don’t see how you can separate Huawei from the Chinese government, but Williamson wasn’t ever up to the job of Defence Secretary.

A Revealing Piece of Ancient Human History, Discovered in a Tibetan Cave

The Giant Panda Still Eats Like a Carnivore. Pandas are fascinating…

Likelihood of poorer adults struggling to buy food is rising – study

The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work. This is fascinating, we don’t have Slack at work, we are about to get an Office upgrade and have Teams, even Lync is distracting. I try to call or visit but I know that I over-rely on emails and Lync because half of the company is somewhere other than my office…

The Mystery of Babies’ First Words

‘Biodegradable’ plastic bags survive three years in soil and sea

Nigel Farage is fuelled by the betrayal myth. And Brexit is only the start

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