Friday Links: We have an extension but still don’t have a clue…

Happy Friday!

So there is news not covered in these links, it’s been that kind of a week…

Two-thirds of councils say they can’t afford to comply with homelessness law. But let’s talk about Brexit again because politicians getting off on voting and having power to take down a government is far more important than the citizens of this country living and trying to make a life in bed and breakfasts or sofa surfing or on in tent in a park….

Councils face a losing battle as they crack down on rogue landlords. Why are landlords in England not licensed? Could it be because law for England is set in the House of Commons and there are lots of MP’s who are landlords? There has been a lot said about England and Brexit but it’s ridiculous that the biggest country in the Union doesn’t have devolved government that is focused on England. We need that a parliament for England not in London. Birmingham would be a good bet as it’s more or less the middle of country. It’s utterly ridiculous that Scottish and Welsh and Northern Irish MP’s can vote on things that don’t affect their constituents, but will affect anyone living in England. It might also do something for the North/South divide too….

Toxins in the air, toxins in the soil – still ministers won’t act on Grenfell

How Brexit Went Off the Rails

Boris Johnson under fire for failing to declare house in Somerset. It’s not that the rules are unclear, it’s just that Boris doesn’t think they should apply to him. He thinks he’s beyond the rules, he’ll just pretend to apologise, quote some Latin (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) and away he goes. No real regret and certainly no shame….

Netanyahu’s victory means life is about to get worse for Palestinians. Time to start calling the West Bank what it is. A ghetto.

Finland gave people free money. It increased their trust in social institutions.

They Had It Coming. This is so on point it’s scary. It’s the entitlement…

Growing up fast: why parenting in your 20s is the new punk. If I had to redo my 20’s I’d have children then. It’s much easier to fit around them and cope in your 20’s.l

Why is Channel 4 apologising for Jon Snow’s ‘white people’ remark?

David Squires on … Liverpool, Spurs, Solskjær and Warnock





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