Monday Miscellany: Another cold

Happy Monday!

Last Thursday, I went down to Southampton for a team building day at FareShare. It was fun and one of my colleagues, who lives near my mum, gave me a lift down. He had a cold and on Saturday night, I realised that I had a cold too!

I’m not impressed with my immune system. In fact given that on Tuesday night I had a PMT migraine and right now have a spotty hormonal chin, I’m just over my body full stop. I’ve also given up sweets, chocolate and crisps for Lent and whilst technically I can eat those things on a Sunday, I’m not but I can’t really be arsed to cook either!

So apart from feeling dreadful, this week, I’m all about getting by and early nights. On Tuesday I’m going to see Captain Marvel but other than than, I’m drink Night Nurse and trying not to sneeze or cough on anyone!

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1 Response to Monday Miscellany: Another cold

  1. Sharon says:

    Hope you feel better soon

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