Friday Links: Pathetic Bribery

Happy Friday!

So I’ve been away from my computer since Wednesday night. No doubt since then something blew up or was set on fire! But yesterday was World Book Day and today is International Women’s Day. So it a good week for me!

I backed Sadiq Khan – but now his racist minicab policy has betrayed me. This will make my brother’s head explode! Without the explosion, I agree with him. Black cab drivers are majority white working class but there’s nothing to stop a minicab driver doing the knowledge. Cab drivers who do pass the Knowledge are subject to more rules than minicab drivers. If it doesn’t reduce pollution, it’s not a good policy but I don’t believe it’s a racist one.

May’s Brexit bung to the north is pathetic. It changes nothing

The End Is Nigh for Netanyahu. Netanyahu is a crook so let’s hope so…

The Aldi effect: how one discount supermarket transformed the way Britain shops

Some sackcloth and ashes can do us all good – that’s why I love Lent. It’s not a month Dawn, it’s 6 weeks. I always do the full six weeks but Lent is technically 40 days. So it’s six weeks with all the Sundays taken out (Sundays are always feast days!). That’s the Roman Catholic Church for you, there’s always a get out clause!

Ilhan Omar Has a Point. Nice to see that the Labour Party isn’t the only one struggling with this.

How did home cooking become a moral issue?

World Book Day: Without libraries we are less human and more profoundly alone

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