Friday Links: 29 days…

Happy Friday!

Here are this week’s links…

Ready or Not, a New Independence Day Awaits the U.K.

If we’re heading for a hard Brexit, then we’re heading for a united Ireland. Of course I agree with this, I’ve been saying it for a while now..

The City may thrive despite Brexit, but the rest of us won’t

Shamima Begum has a right to British citizenship, whether you like it or not

Sigrid Johnson Was Black. A DNA Test Said She Wasn’t.

Brutal and dogmatic, George Pell waged war on sex – even as he abused children. This sums up the problem with the Catholic Church, men in charge who are only interested in their power. You can wrap in the clean linen of service and mother church and all that but ultimately that’s what it comes down to. Men and power and hiding corruption and sin to maintain power.

Lay Catholics who stay silent are complicit in the church’s failure on abuse. Francis is disgusted but ultimately this ‘son of Church’ Yes, the Church should preach forgiveness but as I was taught by the Church the first step to being forgiven is to seek forgiveness and the Church seems not to have done that yet.

From bean to bar in Ivory Coast, a country built on cocoa.

France’s Double Standard for Populist Uprisings

Period pain can be as bad as a heart attack so why aren’t we researching it?

Adam Byatt’s recipe for ratatouille. This looks great, can anybody else spot the great, hulking problem with this recipe in February? Could it be that aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes are not in season? According to the comments , it’s also that it’s not a ratatouille, it’s a tian either way save this one for August….

A million public sector workers paid less than living wage, says report

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