Friday Links: National Emergency

Happy Friday! So the Brexit nonsense is continuing on and Trump has called a national emergency and the entire world is going to hell in a frigging handcart. On the plus side France and Italy aren’t at war…

I want to be optimistic about the world but it seems to me that the first world just squandered the peace after the Second World War.

Anyway onto links…

I’m not even going to link to news of Trump’s ‘national emergency’ but this is the best take I can find on last night’s vote

Shamima Begum is just a teenager. Britain should be strong enough to take her back. This is when it’s hard to be a Christian. I believe, truly believe, that there is no one that God won’t love and forgive. I believe that our values are more important when they are hard to live up to. So I think that if she comes back, we should make sure that her child is safe and well. I also think that she’ll need to be watched and that child shouldn’t be raised by her. The crux of the issue for me, is that to be forgiven, you have to ask forgiveness. She’s 19, she scared for her child but she’s not sorry at all. There are all sorts of reasons for that and I’m not unsympathetic to them but all you can go on ultimately is actions and words and none of hers are very good. So right now my belief in redemption is wrestling with my instinct that she should be left to rot. I don’t like it in me, but I have sympathy for both sides of this argument.

The Churchill row is part of the glib approach to history that gave us Brexit. I don’t understand why he didn’t just say both. No one is all villain or all hero, (except maybe Napoleon and really not even him). But yes, if you are going to study history you have to see both sides if you don’t you get the stupid “two world wars and one world cup” nonsense.

Pret a Manger charity to invest in homeless hostel in London. It’s great that Pret are putting their money where their mouths are but it seems to me that chronic homelessness caused by the cost of rent, is something that Government should be doing. People who end up homeless because of alcohol or drug problems are harder issues to solve but that homelessness is rising for people who are holding down jobs is appalling.

Scottish modernist ruin awaits a saviour – a photo essay. I’ve heard about St Peter’s before, it seems to me that if a building has ongoing issues with maintenance problems when it’s not even 20 years old then the architecture can’t be that great. Surely it’s a failure of architectural design if it looks pretty but isn’t durable? And yes it does look like a carpark…

Emma Glass: ‘Game of Thrones is overrated. Give me The Lord of the Rings any day’. She’s wrong. I’ve read both and there is no doubt that George R.R Martin is right about now in need of an editor and a storyboard but LotR’s also needed an editor and to lose a bunch of pretention. I think both authors lost the fine line between credible world building and getting lost in that world. JK Rowling is getting there with Harry Potter, with the way she’s retroactively introducing things to that world too. Also Dickens, he can be difficult (all the women in Dickens are either wet or horrible) and wordy and for sure there is too much coincidence (A Tale of Two Cities is particularly bad for this) but I’ve read Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol and Our Mutual Friend, which is my favourite. I always think I’ve read Dombey and Son, Pickwick Papers, Little Dorrit and David Copperfield but actually I’ve just seen the TV or heard the radio adaptions. Or worse read books where the characters are reading them!  I do have Bleak House which I really need to get around to reading. Little Dorrit maybe something I tackle in retirement.

Brett Kavanaugh Just Declared War on Roe v. Wade. If I were in the US, I’d be really worried about this. We don’t tend to think of the ability to have a termination as a right, but it is. This series of Call the Midwife is set in 1964/65 and has had two stories so far about backstreet abortions. In this country we don’t have abortion on demand but women have been able to have them since 1969. We have a tendency as humans, to think that the conventions we grew up with will always be there. I know people who had illegal abortions prior to 1969 and the only thing that banning abortions does is make them unsafe, it doesn’t stop them.

Speaking of which. I Run a Support Group for Women Who Had Late-Term Abortions. The Past Few Weeks Have Been Hell. This was not me, but it hits really close to home for my family. It’s the very definition of hell and limiting late termination is a stick to beat women with, I know lots of women who’ve terminated pregnancies, but only three who did it late, and there was nothing good about the experience for any of them and it was deeply upsetting. None of them would have done it if they believed there was a better way, not one…

I’ve talked with teenage boys about sexual assault for 20 years and this is what they still don’t know. I’ve been asking for years why the response to sexual assault is to tell girls to be careful, not to teach boys about consent.

If You’re Often Angry Or Irritable, You May Be Depressed. I powered through my teen years on a wave of anger, this absolutely rings true for me. I have been depressed and angry about being so. But I think the key for me is dysregulation of emotion generally. When I’m depressed, I’m less able to regulate my feelings, I’m all over the place. I learnt to handle that by being more regulated generally, so I had more space to deal with my feelings.

What a rutabaga does better than any other vegetable. It’s a swede and I thought it was grow in winter….

Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else

British ‘lethality’? Gavin Williamson’s brain has gone absent without leave

The Afghan Government Is Missing From Afghanistan’s Peace Process

The Religious-Liberty Claim the Justices Didn’t Want to Hear. This is bizarre, Alabama is all about Christianity but also about executions. Christian Capital Punishment is an oxymoron.

Workplace Theft Is on the Rise. The trick is just to order the cheap stuff no one wants to steal! Which is what’s happened with pens and notepads at my place.

The Sad Story of a Rare Cat and Its Loyal Parasite


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