Things I want to do in January

This is not an exciting post about exciting things to do in London in January! This is about things I want to do in January, a soft goals post.

For 2019, I’ve decided on no overall goals for 2019, but I have a word for 2019 and it’s stable. Before everyone starts laughing and comparing me to Theresa May (she of ‘strong and stable’) let me explain.It’s about my emotional state. I’m seriously in the joy of ‘no more drama’.

Last year was pretty good for me, I started the year temping and ended the year with a job that I really enjoy and that has lots of space for me to grow, which to my surprise, I’m really enjoying. This year was the first year that I was able to head off the emotional ups and downs that might have happened given my circumstances this year. I went back to therapy halfway through the year to make ensure that my transition to a new job was smooth. I was upfront about the things that I could and couldn’t do to support others and about prioritising my needs above others.I want more of that this year. I want more stable finances which mean prioritising paying down debt and not using credit cards, I want an stable and less stressful home life which means decluttering and more intention in housework (aka more housework), I want more sleep and better health which means more golden hour, better diet and more exercise.These things bring me stability and I want more of them.

With all of this in mind and in addition to the things that should be done anyway (weekly clean and hoover, golden hour, laundry etc) here are the extra things I want to do this month that will help with that goal:

Menu planning – for the rest of January, I need to get back to cooking more, planning meals and using what’s in the freezer, cupboard, fridge.

Defrost the freezer – I’m doing so well on clearing the freezer. I have two full drawers and one that just has ice and ice packs in it. By the time we hit spring, I want to have it even emptier and I need to defrost it as well.

Clean the oven again – I did it before Christmas and it was epic and took two goes and three days. I want to do it again so that it never takes as long to do!

CD and DVD clear out – I need to get the CD’s onto iTunes and backed up and then get them out of the house, either selling them (even if they get £30) or to a charity shop.

Cupboard of doom – it’s been a while but it’s time for another sort and trip to the dump!

Exercise – it’s January and I’m not going nuts but I am going to do something at least three times a week, probably yoga and stretching but something.

So that’s the plan….


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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask, what does ‘golden hour’ mean for you?

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