Recommendations: Rootbeer

The first McDonalds opened in the UK in 1974, the one in Fulham opened sometime in the 70’s and as far I was concerned the best thing about it was the root beer, I was very upset in 1993 when they stopped selling it. I don’t eat much McDonald’s nowadays but you can bet if they re-introduced root beer that I would be there like a shot.

I know that some people think it tastes like mouthwash, but I find it delicious and it’s my favourite soft drink. Due to some EU legislation about preservatives, most root beer sold in the States can’t be imported. It was hard enough to get hold of before so nowadays, I make do with the Soda Folk root beer when I can get it and Virgil’s which is sold in Tesco’s US food section. It’s ridiculously expensive (about the same price as a bottle of beer) so it’s an occasional treat but a lovely one.

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