Sunday Music: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

So it’s the first Sunday of Advent.

So music this week is all about advent everything else in December will probably by about Christmas.

I haven’t heard this version before sung before and have always sung “Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel”

This turns that on it’s head. “Rejoice! Rejoice! O Israel, to thee shall come Emmanuel

Emmanuel means ‘God with us’, both versions work. However the phrasing of both put God in a slightly different spot. the one I grew up with is “Rejoice! God shall come to you, Israel’ and this version is “Rejoice Israel, to you will come God”

The first one makes it seem more about you, this one, makes Christmas more precarious…

The Creator, who gave up the power of knowing in the free will He gave us.  He gave up control, and all He can do is Love and Hope that we will do the right thing. Advent, for Christians is a season of waiting and hoping, but not just for us. God is spending this time hoping for us too. God is hoping that a child born in a stable will change us, will turn us away from ourselves and towards each other.

At the beginning of Advent, I pray that I’ll be ready for the change that God in my life, Emmanuel, we bring. That I’ll be worthy of that gift…

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