Friday Links: On a Saturday….

I am late getting this up, it has been a week. Ma says I’m to apologise for my lateness, because she likes to read links on Friday! At least one person is reading it!

Run: Why the public marriage proposal at the New York City Marathon is the absolute worst of the trend

How to make Christmas cake. This is not how I do it see here for what I make but if you were thinking about it now’s the time..

Rigging the vote: how the American right is on the way to permanent minority rule. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Britain has never looked so foolish in the world’s eyes. This isn’t pretty either but he’s so right…

Fellow evangelicals: stop falling for Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. I’m not an evangelical but it is un-Christian. I find that people that spend a lot of time prattling on about being Christian can often be the ones who spend the least time showing Christianity in their actions..

‘The NHS is paying me buttons. I can’t cope’

They shall not pasty: why British soldiers are banned from Greggs

Outrageous! Did we defeat Hitler only to surrender our basic freedom to eat baked goods? Hitler was largely defeated by the Soviet Union, a totalitarian police state where baked goods were often hard to come by.

Democrats Are So, So Bad at This

‘Miserable staff don’t make money’: the firms that have switched to a four-day week

Winter blues? A practical guide to getting more light in your life

Why are we surprised that therapy has its downsides?. I didn’t expect that therapy would make me happy, I expected that it would help me cope with my unhappiness. My naturally stoic nature at work there.

David Cameron, get back in your hut. You’ve done enough damage


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