Friday Links: Budgets and Pumpkins

Happy Friday!

Jeremy Hunt says top diplomatic jobs open to non-civil servants Well if Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt can be Foreign Secretary, it stands to reason that any monkey could be a diplomat. It makes my very cross because I know that they don’t just arse about..

‘Remember you will die’ – and 11 other tips for a better death. I think this is a pretty good guide. I haven’t made a will but if I die tomorrow, I have life insurance through work that goes to Ma. She knows well enough what to do in terms of how to settle finances etc and arrange a funeral, (and as a funeral is for the living, she can play any music she wants!). The only thing I do probably need to do is set up a document for all the passwords of various things online so she can get them sorted. Also we’ve been talking about Power of Attorney for her and I should probably set one up in case! When she dies, all of that goes to Ben, Lu and the boys! I’m a simple creature!

A use for leftover pumpkins?

No more snooze button: a complete guide to waking up feeling fantastic

The Waldensians: What one small town’s celebration of immigration tells us about how white Americans think about history.Well yes…

Why struggling companies promote women: the glass cliff, explained

America Isn’t the ‘Only Country’ With Birthright Citizenship. No American exceptionalism on this one. It amuses me though that Trump and his ilk are keen to overturn the 14th Amendment but are still claiming that the 2nd Amendment must remain untouched.

Schools don’t need ‘little extras’, Philip Hammond. They need proper funding

I live among the neo-Nazis in eastern Germany. And it’s terrifying

Couples being denied IVF on NHS over man’s age or weight. Children are not a right, infertility is not a disease. The age and health of a potential parent should be taken into account when deciding whether to progress with treatment. I do understand the pain of not having children when you desperately want them, but it’s not a disease, it’s not a right. It is unfair that rich people can have children way past the age of their natural fertility – Janet Jackson, Elton John et al. And there is a conversation to be had about that but the NHS is overburdened and no-one is going to die if they don’t have children. Harsh but fair, I think you’ll find.

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