Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday! I have a full week in the office this week but I am (again) a fully qualified first aider, go me!

I’m just getting to that stage of haircut when my fringe reacts to humidity but going all 70’s flick!

This week is all about work. I was due to lose a boss and get some other work but the boss isn’t leaving, just moving roles and I still have the other work to do, so I need to organise myself so I can do more things. It’s still a new job and I’m still feeling a bit of that ‘new job’ discombobulation but I am getting more settled.

Also on the agenda this week, uses for courgettes and tomatoes

And preparation for a massive cake making session over the Bank Holiday weekend. It will be fine, but I’m always more nervous when I’m baking for other people and as this is for a wedding, (of people I do care about quite a bit) I’m more nervous than usual! It’ll be fine…

What are you up to this week?


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