Monday Miscellany

It’s so hot. It’s so hot that Sarah and I walked the dog at 7am on a Sunday. I’m done with this weather, completely and totally cooked. This week I have cooked some chicken and roasted some vegetables and the oven is not going to be switched on again this week. They are promising it will be cooler on Tuesday and all I can say is that it better be.

In other news. I got two of my four teams through. So I have Belgium, who play France on Tuesday and England, playing Croatia on Wednesday. I’m not going to start shouting “it’s coming home” I remember all of the times England looked like they might be doing well and honestly, I find our defence, casual and Raheem Sterling needs to stop trying to score every time he gets the ball and pass it if he doesn’t have a shot. But I do need to take a moment to point you towards this…

I’m afraid that Kathy and I watching football on Saturday may have been a bit of a shock to the Baxter babies…. I will try to keep the noise down and restrict my use of the phrase ‘fannying about’ as in “stop fannying about and pass the ball” it doesn’t translate well for an expat American who knows both the US usage and the UK usage (which is ruder) but has never heard it in that context…I do love cultural difference!

Goals for this week. Watch the football, try not to melt and water the plot in the mornings. Yes, that is going to hurt. I know it.


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