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Happy Friday! It’s been a week. England are through to the quarter finals, but even bigger than that is that I have 4 teams through in the family draw, one of them is England.

‘It’s nothing like a broken leg’: why I’m done with the mental health conversation.This is a brilliant piece.

Let’s talk about my abortion (and yours). This so much this…

Grenfell firefighter tells of attempt to rescue girl from 20th floor. This is horrific. Not that it matters but David Badillo is someone I know of, he isn’t a friend of mine but he’s the friend of a couple of people I know and I believe the girl he was looking for was the niece of one of his mates. How he is even standing, let alone back at work, I really don’t know. I was trying to explain to someone recently, that how I feel about Grenfell is more than sad, it was horrific but I feel more than horror. It feels close to me not because I lived in social housing until I was four or because my parents both grew up in council flats and my grandad did until he died. Or because Ma lives in social housing now. What happened at Grenfell, doesn’t feel just like a tragedy, it feels like contempt. Social housing is the only way that people like me get secure, affordable housing. I remember when Ma got her flat, she was so relived to be safe, to know that she had somewhere to live for the rest of her life.  It’s how working class people get to stay in the area they grew up in, where their communities and friends are. But it seems that Kensington and Chelsea, and the government, didn’t think that the people who lived in that tower were worth keeping safe or entitled to feel secure or live in safety. It’s not just about how many died, how they died, it’s about how gentrification and politics that have made working class people less than human. That’s why I’m so emotional about Grenfell.

Speak for England, Danny Dyer. You’ve blown the lid on Brexit He was only saying what everyone was thinking!

Landlords react with fury to three-year tenancy plans. Let’s just see if anything comes of this consultation, my money is on nothing happening. As for people not wanting long term contracts, I haven’t found that this is the case.

Trouble at the Today programme: is it losing its grip? I don’t like it as much since Sarah Sands took over, it’s beginning to feel like a middle class jolly. Nowadays, I only get the first hour or so because I need to be out of the house, but I feel I learn more from other R4 news programmes or the World Service…

Save the Elephant: the fight to protect south London’s ‘anti-Westfield’ You would think at the very least the developers would try and meet the minimum standards the council has set. It seems that developers really think that they can just ride roughshod over communities.

South Carolina police object to high-school reading list. Seriously? The Hate U Give is brilliant and talks about gang culture as well as police brutality, I haven’t read All American Boys, but I’m going to consider it now…

A man raped me, another tried to. They were not animals. They were men This is difficult to read but it needs to be read for this:

A man raped me. Another man attempted to. And it had nothing to do with how I walked, or when I walked, or what I wore as I walked, and everything to do with the actions they took.

It has nothing to do with living in a fantasy land, where the word “no” acts as a shield, and everything to do with how we teach those little boys who become men about those little girls who become women.

Esther McVey has to go. Her downright lies are dangerous. What I was saying earlier on about Grenfell, it’s this kind of contempt I’m talking about.

An aversion to dolls and dresses is no proof you’re a man. I was saying the other day, that I think there is something else going on and hardening of gender stereotypes was some of it. It’s really interesting to me that the majority (70%) of referrals to the Gender Identity Clinic are from girls but the recent debate about trans rights seems to centre on men transitioning to women as if even in this we can’t give women space.

3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake Not sure that I agree with the last point….

A vaccine we don’t even use anymore is a reason polio keeps spreading — yes, really

The US has a 1.39 billion-pound surplus of cheese. Let’s try to visualize that. Two things occur to me, first it must be time for a big block of cheese day, second I would be all over that but  American cheese….

How a pseudopenis-packing hyena smashes the patriarchy’s assumptions I had no idea but wow…

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