Monthly Goals: May/June 2018

How are we nearly halfway through the year?  May was a pretty good month. I finally got a permanent job which starts today. The allotment is doing well. I got a good mix of alone time and sociability and I got to go to a football match. It was all pretty good.

I did pretty well with my goals, here’s the recap…

Mind and Body

  • 10,000 steps a day.
  • Vitamins every day.
  • Feet and Hands.
  • Golden hour

These are all happening consistently

Budget & Spending

  • Stick to the spending budgets for food and household. All good

House Beautiful

This is pretty much all repeats of March because I didn’t get it done last month

  • Hoover once a week
  • Clean oven
  • Defrost fridge

Bank holidays for the win!

Allotment  (still the longest list!)

  • bonfire
  • sowing seeds indoors (sweetcorn, kale, more tomatoes, chard)
  • sowing seeds outdoors (french beans)
  • plant out tomatoes, cucumbers etc
  • frame in the bed at the top of the plot
  • compost (more compost)
  • seating area (we have a plan but it’s probably not going to happen this summer)

I didn’t get to the seating area because I need to source pallets, but we got everything else done!

Year so far

Reading – The TBR list on the Kindle stands at a 100 and the physical pile of books is at 32.

Household budget – I started with £83.75 and ended with £43.75. So I have £83.75 for May, and I’ll really need spend that because I’ve run out of everything…

Food Budget – I had pennies left, they went into the jar.

Saving – The jar now contains £120.32

June Goals

Ok so June is going to be interesting, I have a new commute and a new job to work out. The only social thing currently on the slate is Junipalooza and my weekly walk with Sarah and Fred, while I still can!

Mind and Body

There are some additions to this list this month. I don’t think that it’s good to overload yourself when there is big transition happening but I am aware that June will be an awkward month because I find change and transition difficult. So I decided to be a grown up about it and prepare and work with it so I get through it all gracefully.

I’ve been doing occasional therapy in the last couple of months to check in but with change and adaption seeming to be a 2018 theme, I’m back at least until my birthday.

The other thing that I’ve picked up on is that I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop and disaster to occur. I’ve noticed it and it’s bringing me down, so goodness knows what it’s doing for the people that have to be around me! I understand what’s going on but at this stage it’s behaviour I can and need to unlearn. I’m not denying that bad things can happen and I need to be prepared for that but I shouldn’t expect them to happen. So I’m going to make a habit of writing them all down. Not here but on paper, I figure that I’ll do it for a month and see if it helps.

  • 10,000 steps a day.
  • Vitamins every day.
  • Feet and Hands.
  • Golden hour
  • Therapy
  • Good things journal everyday

Budget & Spending

Time to be real, this month is going to be tough in terms of money. I have a week and two days of temping pay and then I won’t get paid until the end of the month and it may not be for a whole month.

  • Get through the month without financial explosion.

House Beautiful

  • Stick to the housework rota.

Allotment  (still the longest list!)

  • plant out remaining squash
  • sow more carrots and radishes and spring onions
  • sow chard, kale, pak choi and cauliflower
  • sow more salad
  • keep on top of the watering and weeding

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3 Responses to Monthly Goals: May/June 2018

  1. Sharon says:

    Good luck with everything

  2. Valonia says:

    You did really well with your goals. How are you getting on at your new job? I hope you soon feel settled and get back into a routine. Change is so daunting.

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