Allotment Adventures: Ready to grow

The weather is getting everyone down, my lovely allotment neighbour Joe, says that he thinks it’s been the worse spring he can remember since he had the plot and he’s had the plot as long as I’ve been alive! We had two warmish sunny days and then weather forecast reckoned that there would be rain every day except Wednesday (today) but it wasn’t due to rain on Saturday until the evening so Ma and I set out to get some work done. To give you an idea, this is a photo of the sun, you can sort of see it!

After Ma’s calculation on the best value compost, we went to Wickes and bought 8 bags of compost (560 litres of compost).Fortunately, 70 litre bags are easier to carry than 120 litre bags. We put a bag in each of the beds that haven’t already had compost and covered them until we are ready to start sowing things which should be very soon.

Then we got to work on other things. First off, weeding for Ma and another coat of paint on the shed for me. It’s really surprised me how painting the shed has made it less noticeable, it blends in much better.Ma and I also worked out where the squash bed at the top of the plot would go and she forked it over. My eventual intention is to build a bed but for this year I’ll raise the bed with compost and we’ll plant squash there. This also gives a good picture of the state of the soil, it’s wet underneath but dry and cracked on top, having a bed there will stop us walking all over it. Ma set up the last flower circle at the front of the plot. We’ll get to sowing some seeds in there shortly, we can already see the self seeded californian poppies coming up and I’m happy for them to do their thing.

We planted the remaining potatoes and covered in fleece, just in case!

Despite the weather things are coming on, the broad beans and the rhubarb are starting to grow

There is always more to do but we are as prepared as we can be and just need to wait on weather and time.

We do have things to do so for next weekend when I’m allotmenting solo this is my work list

  • build the cloche
  • outdoor sowing
    • more peas
    • beetroot
    • salad
    • parsley and borage
    • flowers?
  • sow indoors
    • cucumbers
    • cucamelons
    • summer squash
    • winter squash
    • marigolds
    • more tomatoes
    • prick out the tomatoes that we’ve sow
  • move leek seedlings into cloche
  • bonfire (weather permitting)
  • last coast of paint for the shed (weather permitting)
  • trim rosemary bushes

Good thing that other than housework, food shopping and prep, walking Fred the dog (and maybe Noah the grandson) with Sarah and hopefully catching up with Ryan and Claire, I don’t have any plans!

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3 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Ready to grow

  1. Adam Leone says:

    Everything is so painfully slow my end…

    • nicdempsey says:

      We’re not that far away from each other so are suffering the same way. It’s all so behind, this weekend I think that I’m going to sow carrots, watercress and radishes, I’m doing them in buckets anyway, I just want to be growing something!

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