Monday Miscellany


Mondays are tough but as I discovered last week, it is getting lighter in the morning. I know that a daily photo of my street on instagram isn’t the most riveting photo in the world but it’s a physical reminder that it is getting lighter, spring will come and I’ll be non-grumpy, non SAD Nic.My plan to be in bed by 9.30pm was mostly successful because I have re-instituted the Golden Hour and made a bath before bed part of that routine, I was hoping that it would help me sleep better, it hasn’t so far but we’ll see if it helps over the long term. I didn’t get much else done, the weather was foul so not a lot of allotment work got done either. However, Ma and I did sort out seeds, so we know what we’re growing and we bought seed potatoes, we bought some gin too but not from Wilko!

My plan for this week is more of the same, except for a haircut on Friday and going to see Christelle and possibly Mike on Saturday!




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