Friday Links

Happy Friday! This is probably the last Friday Links of the year so make the most of it.

This is so sad. Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

The winter solstice isn’t a relief: it marks months of dashed hopes to come. This all of this…

Come to debtors’ court. See how ministers destroy businesses, and lives. I just have the sense that everyone is living on the edge of disaster right now.

Are the days of Christmas wrapping paper and cards over? I haven’t sent any Christmas cards this year and I’ve received one (thanks Jo!). I don’t wrap many presents either..because I love a gift bag, so maybe it is!

The childhood gift we always wanted – would it change our lives today?  I really wanted a Girls World, I got one for my birthday and about a month later my brother gave it a haircut! Other than that I don’t remember really wanting anything for Christmas, I don’t remember letters to Santa (Ma did used to pretend to phone him up if we were naughty!). We got a book every year most of which I still have but honestly, I don’t really remember any particular Christmas presents. So it probably wouldn’t have changed my life even then!

Lights Fantastic!

Are you an Order or Chaos Muppet? I’ve pretty much spent the day dividing people into Chaos and Order Muppets. I’ve also decided that I’m an order muppet with chaotic tendencies!

Damian Green sacked. Finally…

Bussed out: how America moves its homeless I’d like to see something like this on UK homelessness..

Homelessness is now the public face of this Tory era


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