Friday Links

Happy Friday! 

This interview with Michelle Dockery, it’s not that I loved Downton Abbey but she’s only two years out from her fiance dying and I just really feel for her, remembering how terrible I felt two years after Stef died, I know that it’ll get better (I’m proof of that) but it sucks and I really feel for her.

The clothes I’ve loved – and reduced to rags. This could be me, I love my clothes to bits until they fall to bits.

The bank of Mum and Dad. I’m going to say it again, this isn’t just about millennials. I’m 44 and couldn’t do it. It’s been a problem for working class kids for over 20 years, it’s only getting traction now middle class kids can’t do it!

How fake news works: Millions of Americans would flunk basic civics. This and before we go getting all proud that it wouldn’t happen here. It already has, just take a look at the Brexit debates and the referendum. The money that we were going to have, the fact we’re in this mess because of an advisory referendum. The amount of people that don’t vote. Yeah it’s us too…

Bad language is good for you. I’m going to keep telling myself that…

Have the gin jokes gone too far? Yes, I love that there are lots of new gins out there and that I don’t have to walk into a pub and order something other than a gin and tonic because I will not drink Gordons. However, we are in danger of jumping the shark here!

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