Best/Worst 11 to 17 September 2017

Happy Monday!


 A day on the plot. So we didn’t have the boys this weekend, I was a bit sad about that but it did give me some time to sort myself out. Ma and I did a solid 4 hours on the plot and it’s looking good.


Return of the light lamp. I don’t enjoy the encroaching darkness that begins in Autumn sure the weather is ok and there are some stand out days but it’s not a fun, happy time for me, I don’t relish the coziness or the return of tights and boots. Instead I start to feel tired all the damn time, my sleeping goes haywire and I get miserable. I don’t like it. I’ll cope but I not happy about it!

Honourable mentions to work meeting from hell, the last of the tomatoes, babysitting for the Baxters, the joy of a really good book, allotment neighbours, organisation, a trip to the library, having friends for dinner, birthday cake and planning.

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