Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m ending this work week with a half day off work to sort my life out. I was preparing for a weekend with the boys but Ben isn’t working this weekend so Ma and I aren’t being put to work. Instead I’m going to enjoy spending some much needed time on the plot, reading a new book and possibly eating cake.

Here are this week’s links….

Sleep: How much do you really get? This time of year, not enough!

What the pope should tell Jacob Rees-Mogg: ‘You ain’t no Catholic, bruv’

Natural disasters and opioid addiction. I don’t know how we’d do it here, I’m assuming that the NHS makes it easier to access, but it had honestly never occurred to me before that natural disasters could make recovery harder in that way.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner is standing idly by as her country moves closer to genocide. I’m always wary of the general living saint portrayals of anyone, Princess Diane, the Pope, Mother Theresa and Aung San Suu Kyi. I think that humans  are frail and often fail to live up to this kind of adoration. This is a case in point.  Aung San Suu Kyi suffered for what she believed in but she has never spoken out in support of the Rohingya or any other oppressed minority. I don’t know if she’s not saying much because she’s frightened that if she criticises the military, then Myanmar will go back to a military dictatorship and what’s happening to the Rohingya is a small price to pay. Or if she believes that the Rohingya are outsiders who don’t belong in Myanmar. Either way it’s bad and if she doesn’t speak up, what does it say about the nation she’s trying to create?

Stop talking right now about the threat of climate change. It’s here; it’s happening 

The inspiring story of a 48-year-old, mother-of-three intern Up to a point, Lord Copper. It’s great that she got this but Katherine Forster, hasn’t worked (outside of children and home) since she got her degree and raised her children. Now presumably with them out of the house or a bit more self sufficient she can think about what she wants to do. It’s great that the Spectator picked her but the amount of class privilege in that life. A partner with enough or earning enough money she could stay at home with her children for 25 odd years. Enough money that at 48 she can intern. I’m always a bit chippy about stories like this. A victory for feminism, maybe but a clear case of privilege. Money doesn’t make you happy but it does give you the opportunity and time to find out what makes you happy. As it has for Katherine Forster.

How often should you wash your pjyamas? I wash mine every other day. The only time that changed was when I was recovering from my osteotomy and I had a clean pair every day but then I wore them for 24 hours straight. I change the bed once a week. That seems about right to me. Not to clean, not to dirty…

Megan Whalen Turner talking about the Queen’s Thief series. This is important to me because I have just got my hands on the latest and I think I’m going to have to re-read all of them this month!

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