Friday Links

Happy Friday! And happy birthday to nephew No 2. I’m pretty sure that time moves more quickly when there are children in the family, I can’t believe that he’s 2 already, J is a force of nature, he looks like his dad (except for those blue eyes), is completely crazy and calls everyone mummy or daddy, he is generally the best natured baby/toddler I’ve come across. How is it two years already?

In the midst of a disaster zone, why are we judging women on their shoes?   It’s not the shoes being judged. It’s the Trump family and their total lack of awareness and appropriateness.  Also seen in Louise Linton recent instagram post, which shows that a bunch of people in the US government are out of touch with the world that most Americans inhabit. I’m also really tired of the ‘Melania is trapped’ narrative, she was an adult woman in her 30’s when she married Trump. Do we make mistakes even when we are adults? Yes but she’s had 12 years to rectify that mistake and she hasn’t. So enough. She chose to be where she is and she chose to wear those shoes, she’s part of the problem of Trump.

A man who punches his ex-girlfriend for telling him no, is not a ‘spurned lover’. I don’t really think more has to be said does it?

Have smartphones destroyed a generation? This got shared around a couple of weeks ago and I just got around to it. It’s worth thinking about and examining our own phone habits too.

Hillbilly Elegy isn’t the only experience of Appalachian poverty.

Libba Bray on the all-female ‘Lord of the Flies’ remake

Sometimes the hardest thing about being a Christian is other Christians who try and speak for all of us. Ana Marie Cox’s nails the problem but also speaks to the impossible truth of our faith.

I was out with a migraine for some of Monday and all of Tuesday so I missed the Hetty Douglas furore but this by Dawn Foster is so true.

Girl finds sword in lake in Cornwall. Personally, I’d have no issue with accepting her as our future queen and I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that the Cambridges have announced a new baby this week!!

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for arancine al ragù I don’t think I would have the patience for this but if anyone would like me to taste test theirs, I’m more than happy to do so!

Hail seitan! How vegan food got down’n’dirty I’m really not into vegan or vegetarian food as meat substitutes. I want to try ‘vegan bacon’ not as a sub for bacon but because I really like carrots. I want vegetables to be vegetables…

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