Allotment Adventures: Award Winner

Last week was a bit of wash out on the allotment front, I was ill from Tuesday to Thursday so didn’t get to the plot, thank goodness that the weather was colder and there was rain, otherwise my poor plants would have been stuffed.

The Open Day was on Saturday and I did a stint at the cake stall and the plant stall.There was a bar too!A friend from work, who lives nearby, came to visit and I showed her around and offloaded two courgettes, a crookneck squash and some herbs on her!

But the real surprise of the day was my award of a runner up for the prettiest plot.My allotment neighbour, Tana, had shown the judge round last week and the judge had apparently been very taken by my how pretty it was. That inspired Christina to set a new category and someone else had a prettier plot! Darn it! I’m chuffed to bits, I love my plot but I’ve never thought of it as pretty, I’m glad that my efforts to introduce some bee friendly elements has helped it though!

I also took advantage of the plant sales to buy three tiny hidcote lavenders, a cabbage, a tarragon plant for the herb bed, three hollyhocks for next year and a day lily.

The only bad thing about the day was that I spent about 8 hours on my feet. After we kicked the visitors out, we had a barbecue and by the time that was done and went back to my plot to collect a courgette, a cucumber, the potatoes (Charlottes) that my lovely neighbour Joe gave me, and some peas. I got home about 9.30. Sorted the peas out and went to bed!

On Sunday, my only plot goals were feeding everything and getting the excess tomatoes and one romano pepper plant into buckets. Three trips to Wilkco’s later, I was done although the greenhouse is looking very full. My aim is to have them outside, once the peas are cleared but for now it’ll do. I have nine different types of tomatoes on the plot now. My original four (Jen’s tangerine cherry, orange banana, amish paste and red cherry)  three mystery ones that were a gift from another plot holder but I think there is a black tomato in there, and from Laura some gardeners delight and moneymaker. A couple of plants aren’t doing fantastically but 34 tomato plants is about 22 too many!

I harvested four more courgettes (the glut seems to be upon us already!), spinach, salad leaves and more peas. I also watered and fed everything and did some ad hoc weeding.My timehop for last year had two photos of the plot so I took some photos from the same spot for a compare and contrast. It’s only when I see the pictures, I realise how much work we’ve done!

I never end a post about the plot without list of work to do for next weekend. Here it is.

  • weeding, especially the strawberry, salad and courgette beds (bloody bindweed)
  • pull up the peas and relocate the bucket tomatoes
  • sow some lettuce in the leek beds
  • toilet rolls on the leeks on the second bed – this is to blanch the stems, I’m not so worried about that but I want to see if I can stop the fox sunbathing there and destroying my crops
  • sow the pak choi, chard etc, that I’ve been saying I’ll sow for the last couple of weeks
  • plant my cabbage plant out in the brassica bed
  • plant out the tarragon and day lily
  • sort out the strawberry runner situation
  • cover the spinach to protect it from the pigeons

So it’s not too long a list but it’s quite a bit of work.


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