What I’ve Read – June 2017

June was a quiet reading month. Mostly because there’s no time except on the commute. I’ve had so many weekends, where I haven’t read at all because it’s so busy either on the plot, doing housework or actually talking to people! However, I have started to make inroads into the TBR list on the Kindle with the overall goal of having it down to the 40’s by the end of the year. It’s currently at a shocking 72!

The Flame Bearer – Bernard Cornwell (bought)

Until the next book, I’m finished with Uhtred of Bebbanberg. It was nice to see him back in Northumbria and in Bebbanberg and if there isn’t another book then we’ve left him in a good place. I’ve really enjoyed reading them straight through and there is lots in the book to think about.

Pipe Dreams – Sabrina Bowen (Kindle TBR list)

I’m reading through the series, look I like them, I like that both the main characters have to face up to the big and small ways that they mucked up. There’s a bit where the heroine realises that she’s been a cow, for completely understandable reasons but still and basically works to change that. Of course it’s a romance so everything moves quickly but the book has one of my new favourite lines ‘responsibility is the flip side of joy’. Why yes it is…

Dominion – CJ Sansom (Kindle TBR list)

I really, really enjoyed this. It’s alternative fiction and starts with the idea that Halifax not Churchill became Prime Minister after Neville Chamberlain resigned in 1940. From there Britain makes peace with Germany instead of fighting on. The book starts in 1952, Britain is an authoritarian state with Beaverbrook as PM and Mosley as Home Secretary. Churchill and Atlee are leading the Resistance. It’s not too difficult to imagine the world th at Samson has created and I found it really odd and horrifying because it was so believable.

Just Right – Erin Nicholas (Kindle TBR List)

Easy read after Dominion. All the bits of Nicholas’ books that I like but I don’t know a bit angsty. I just expect people who have difficult relationships with dead parents to have their shit sorted by the time that they’re 30 (because I did so well at that…).

Tangled in Texas – Kari Lynn Dell (Kindle TBR)

When I need easy reading, small town or cowboy America does it for me. I can’t do contemporary romance set in London because I can’t handwave all the things that aren’t right in them away. But these are so far from real life for me it’s fine. I know that small town USA is probably not all that much fun in real life and that I would be driven completely insane but books like this one are easy and I can handwave what’s going in because I know nothing about Texas, small towns or rodeo. As for the actual story, it was fine, there was enough going on to keep me occupied. I found the changes that the hero and heroine went through more or less realistic and I liked that they both worked through them in a more or less adult way. It’s great how you can be aware of other people’s issues whilst completely not noticing yours and that’s how arguments happen!

Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel (Kindle bought)

I failed at reading this a couple of years ago and it was 99p on Kindle and Helene was raving about it and so I tried it again. I read a lot of end of the world stories and as they go this was ok. I didn’t quite understand the raving of either the reviews or H. It’s mostly set 20 years after a flu has wiped out civilisation as we know it but goes backwards and forwards and is far too full of coincidence. I don’t know, it didn’t strike a chord for me, but seems to have for loads of other people. f would rather read The Reapers are the Angels again….

After All – Erin Nicholas  (Kindle TBR)

More small town escapism

The Left Hand of God – Paul Hoffman (Kindle TBR)

I’d read The Left Hand of God ages ago and the Last Four Things has been sitting on my kindle for ages. So I re-read TLHoG to remind myself before I started in on The Last for Things. Honestly the style of the book is all over the place but I like the mashing of the worlds and it moves along at a clip but I can hear the author all over it so it’s hard to lose yourself in the story.


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