Friday Links

Happy Friday! This post was written on Thursday and is therefore election result free. I’m sure that I’ll have links about that next week. Whether it’s a happy Friday for you or not, (tomorrow is World Gin Day so I’d start early to celebrate or drown your sorrows) here are this weeks links…

Donald Trump berates Sadiq Khan. Alternative title, Donald Trump is a knob. Or as we got told often as children, if you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut…

GQ’s response to Trump’s twitter attack on Sadiq Khan. Precisely!

And I found Theresa May’s speech to be disgusting, dog whistle, political electioneering. That was a chance to  uniting the country by upholding our values, but instead you did that…

As ever, British people took objection to being told we were reeling with shock after last weekend. I love this about us…

Jeremy Corbyn’s allotment. Is is wrong that I like him more because he makes jam and has an allotment?

Gin sales help fill Treasury coffers as spirits raise more money than beer

This woman needs more than a suspended sentence. Support worker sold adopted child’s details to mother to fund holiday. What she did is horrific all around, for the birth parent and for that child and their parents. It’s the stuff of nightmares….

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