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Happy Friday!

This week John Sentamu went all out to prove the irrelevance of the CofE and showed that he has no knowledge of how Quakerism works, Theresa May got involved in the same issue  and I need the vicar’s daughter to explain whether Jesus would object to not referencing Easter when hunting for eggs more than selling arms to Saudi Arabia. I think both of them should have a quick read of the New Testament and then have a think about what Jesus would actually do! Because in the midst of the cuts her government has just made to benefits, lots more people are going to be going without this year. She seems to practise Christianity, without any of the bits that Christ preached about you know love, kindness to the stranger, sitting with the sinners….

Anyway, here are this week’s links…

Speaking of faith….Which hipster megachurch is right for you? The answer for me is none of them. You can be Christian and have tatoos but I just can’t do the handwaving*, my love of God has not yet overcome my English reserve.

This cricketer beat his wife with his bat. So, why isn’t he going to prison? Because the judge is a sexist, racist pig (that crack about the woman not being vunerable is clearly because the woman was Asian) and it’s completely not on.

Housing class war. I’ve been saying for a while that the problem is class not age. The Tories aren’t even pretending that they care about everyone having a fair start.

The people who need help least, the minted with parental help available for purchasing homes, get a tax-free lump sum to make their lives even easier. The people who need help most are completely cut adrift, and have any hope of becoming solvent and achieving not even comfort but basic shelter destroyed by actively cruel policies.

There’s a food poverty crisis in the UK. And the government is starved of ideas. I read the comments on this article and I shouldn’t have. No, it’s not easy to cook if you don’t have time, money, skill or cooking facilities. Try cooking well if you’re living in a B&B or don’t have money for electricity. It’s only possible to do it cheaply if you have resources. Food poverty isn’t the result of a single issue. Low wages and insecure work, insecure housing and benefit cuts, all feed into it. It’ll take some joined up thinking to truly solve it. Labour ignored the causes and threw money at the problem and that worked for a bit, but when the money was withdrawn, the problems were still there.



*I also have a real issue with the socially conservative agenda which includes being against gay marriage and abortion.

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