Allotment Adventures: Indecisive and Inadequate

I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment. Mostly, I’m just a bit lost because I don’t want to make a mistake and I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m feel indecisive and inadequate. So I need not to worry too much and remember that I have done really well and that in a month’s time, it will all be very different.

The living room is full of seedlings and there’s no room to sow the next set until I get some of these out of the house and they can’t go out yet. I need a greenhouse but I can’t do that until the shed is up and that won’t be until the end of the month.

However, the potatoes are planted, I sowed some peas, spinach, raddishes, salad and beetroot. The broad beans have flowers…

The garlic and onions look amazing….

The sweet peas are planted..As are the first lot of peas. I bought the obelisk for sweet peas but Ma thought we should use it for peas, so we did that and make a wigwam of canes for the sweet peas. (Ma also weeded the raspberries again because she is determined not to let them get a grip again!)The gooseberries have flowers and the plum tree is in blossom. We got the birdbox onto the tree.The herb bed has sprung into life and I have tiny flowers on my rosemary.It’s all going pretty well.

Next week, I want to concentrate on preparation and learning.

Preparation. Weeding and tidying up, I will clear and bag up the rubbish pile. I also want to weed and prepare the empty beds and line and start filling the bath as that’s going to be my carrot bed this year and the boxes for the squash. I won’t start putting plants in until May so I have a month to make sure that the plants and seeds are going into good soil with lots of food for my plants. I’m also going to work out a cover for the blackcurrant and gooseberry bush at the bottom of the plot and sow wildflowers at the top of the plot.

Learning. How to make compost, I’ve got a rubbish pile and a box of dried out things, which are not composting down. I get the theory but in practice, it’s not working. I need to refresh my knowledge and put it into practice.


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